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Clix4money allows hard-working people to make extra money through small jobs that can be done from anywhere in the india at any time.

Many Types of Jobs

AD Posting Jobs
  • Earnings Per AD post : up to Rs.5/-.
  • Maximum AD Posting Per day: 100 Ads.
  • Earn up to Rs.3/- for every AD post done by your friend / Referral.
Form Filling Jobs
  • Earnings Per form : up to Rs.10/-.
  • Maximum Form filling task Per day: 1000
  • Earn up to Rs.1/- for every form done by your friend / Referral.
Pay Per View Ads
  • Earnings Per view : up to Rs.3/-.
  • Maximum PPV ads Per day: 100
  • Earn up to Rs.0.50/- for every Pay per view ad done by your friend / Referral.

Pay Per Referral
  • Earnings Per Referral : Rs.50/-.
  • Maximum Referral per day : 100
  • Earn up to Rs.5/- for every Referral sign up by your friend / Referral.

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